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Brightening Action (Subsidy Scheme for Cataract Surgery)






In 2016, Eye Fund launched “Brightening Action” to provide free cataract surgeries and all required follow-up treatment to seniors with financial difficulties.

計劃簡介 Program Overview

《善明行動》的宗旨是幫助社會上具經濟困難的眼疾患者,希望能透過資助眼疾患者的治療費用,讓他們及時接受治療,改善視力質素、 重見光明。獲批申請人將接受眼睛治療評估及治療,並安排治療後覆診。

“Brightening Action” aims at offering help to cataract patients who are in financial difficulties in Hong Kong. It is hoped that by subsidizing the treatment cost of such patients, they can receive prompt and quality treatment, with the ultimate goal of hoping to restore their vision. Approved applicants will receive an eye treatment assessment and the required treatment, followed by all subsequent necessary post-treatment follow-up visits.



  • 香港永久性居民 (Hong Kong Permanent Resident)

  • 正領取綜合社會保障援助 或 普通傷殘津貼 或 高額傷殘津

     Currently receiving support from the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, Normal   Disability Allowance or Higher Disability Allowance

  • 低收入人士(Low-income Earners)

  • 嚴重個案(須交由眼睛健康基金眼科專科醫生判斷)

     Of high severity (as determined by ophthalmologists from the Eye Fund)




Enquiry / Registration Method

* 申請人需填妥有關表格及附上有關證明文件,填妥表格後可以以電郵/傳真/郵寄/親身遞交方式遞交申請表,眼睛健康基金會將進行審核。
如成功審核,眼睛健康基金會以電話方式通知,與申請者預約時間進行眼睛健康評估。如有任何問題,歡迎致電3429 0090查詢。

*Applicants need to fill in the relevant form and attach all relevant supporting documents in his/her application. Submission can be made by email / fax / post / in person. The Eye Fund will review each application accordingly.


If the application is successful, Eye Fund will contact the applicant by phone. Eye Fund will schedule an appointment with its doctor for further evaluation with the successful applicant. If you have any questions, please call 3429 0090.

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