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Wedding Favours Donation

在這個充滿愛的大喜日子,不少新人都為著回禮禮物而煩惱,但您們有否想過將這份愛傳遞開去,讓更多人感受到愛的暖意? 立即行動將您們預備購買回禮禮物的費用,捐贈給眼睛健康基金,為低收入或有經濟困難的眼疾患者出一分力,令他們重見光明。

On your big day of love and joy, why not make your wedding even more meaningful by sharing your blessings with those whose blindness is easily curable or avoidable? You are cordially invited to join our wedding commemorative program by making a wedding donation to Eye Fund to give cataract patients an additional helping hand!


Instead of purchasing expensive gifts for your guests, consider supporting Eye Fund by donation! Your donation will be used to help local patients with eye problems in low-income communities to receive professional medical treatment and care. By giving someone the “gift of sight”, you will be rewarded with a set of wedding gifts in addition to a customized certificate of thanks.


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To express our immense gratitude, we would like to offer some gifts and blessings in return.


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