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Volunteers Training Program

於2023年,眼睛健康基金首次推出「Vision Saver 視覺守護者義工培訓計劃」,旨在培育有志服務社區的「視覺守護者」,與機構團隊共同為社區護眼教育作出貢獻。
In 2023, Eye Fund launched Its first ‘Vision Saver Volunteers Training Program’, which aims to nurture well-trained Vision Savers who are committed to serving the community and contribute to building a ‘better eye care education’ together with us.

The programme focuses on interactive learning, through eye talk, immersive learning experiences and group sharing, enabling participants to experience the difficulties and challenges faced by vision impaired people first hand. They will also cultivate compassion by understanding the feelings, thoughts and positions of vision impaired people and learn how to think inclusively to serve. In addition, through theory and practice, vision savers would gradually master a variety of volunteer skills and knowledge, and be able to spread the accurate eye care information to all levels of the community together.

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