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Goggle Lamp Giving Program


計劃目的Program Overview


Eye Fund is dedicated to transforming lives through delivering different eye-focused services to people in need. According to the "Hong Kong Pediatric Ophthalmology Project" launched by the ophthalmology team at the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Medicine in 2015, 13,559 children aged 4 to 9 have been diagnosed with myopia. It is found that children in Hong Kong are wearing glasses at an earlier age and the myopia rate for children of 6 years’ old even hit 11.4% , surpassing other European and Asian regions or countries. Dr. Lam Tsz-ho, Director of the Eye Center at Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, pointed out that exercising more on weekdays, getting more exposure to the sun, reading with sufficient light while keeping a moderate distance can all effectively prevent myopia in children.


In view of this, Eye Fund hopes to help students with financial difficulties resolve the problem of not having sufficient light while they are reading by donating eye protection lamps for free. Not only does the program aims at helping students to improve their learning environment, but it also hopes to reduce the chance for them to suffer from myopia or myopia deepens .










捐贈來源Source of Donation



Starting from 2019, Eye Fund is occasionally invited to join in the "Yellow Receipt Campaign" organised by AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. On every 11th during the campaign period, a yellow receipt will be given to consumers after their consumption. Customers are invited to put the yellow receipts into the voting box of their desired charity organization as a token of support. AEON (Hong Kong) will then make an in-kind donation to Eye Fund base on 1% of the total amount obtained from the receipts.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to AEON (Hong Kong) for its generous support and kindness in serving underprivileged students and in furthering Eye Fund’s mission


  • 18歲或以下本地學生,並符合以下的經濟條件:
    Local students aged 18 or below who meet the following financial requirements may apply:

  • 領取綜合社會保障援助之家庭

    Families receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or

  • 領取全額學生書簿津貼計劃

       Full Student Textbook Subsidy Scheme


Enquiry / Registration 

* 申請人需填妥有關表格及附上有關證明文件,填妥表格後可以以電郵/傳真/郵寄/親身遞交方式遞交申請表,眼睛健康基金將於兩星期內進行審核。


如成功審核,眼睛健康基金會以電話方式通知,成功申請者將會收到一封成功申請通知書,閣下需連同通知書自行到眼睛健康基金辦公室取得有關轉贈物品。如有任何問題,歡迎致電3429 0090查詢

* Applicants need to fill in the relevant form and attach all relevant supporting documents in his/her application. Submission can be made by email / fax / post / in person. The Eye Fund will review each application accordingly within two weeks.

If the application is successful, Eye Fund will contact the applicant by phone and the applicant will receive a notification message. The Applicant shall then attend Eye Fund’s Office showing his/her notification message to collect the donated items in-person. If you have any questions, please call 3429 0090.



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