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Macular Degeneration Treatment Assistance Program




Since 2018, Eye Fund and Po Leung Kuk have jointly launched the "Macular Degeneration Treatment Sponsorship Program", which aims at providing complimentary injections for patients diagnosed with macular degeneration in the non-private medical system.

The relevant treatment will be carried out by voluntary ophthalmologists from the Eye Fund, and the cost of medication will be subsidized by the Po Leung Kuk Medical Assistance Fund.

申請資格 Eligibility

  • 香港居民及

    Hong Kong Residents and;

  • 在非私營系統確診患有黃斑病變 (需政府/醫管局醫生證明及視力數據需達

      Diagnosed with macular degeneration in a non-private medical system (requires a doctor’s certification from the Government / Hospital Authority and vision acuity of 0.1 or above) and;

  • 由保良局屬下單位、政府部門 (如社會福利署)、法定機構 (如醫管局) 或非牟

    Referral by registered social workers of units under Po Leung Kuk, government departments (such as Social Welfare Department), statutory organizations (such as Hospital Authority) or other Ns;

  • 綜援受助者,或符合預設家庭入息(參考家庭入息中位數)

    CSSA recipients, or meet the preset family income (with reference to the median family income)​



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