Children Eye Protection

We welcome different organizations to apply for an eye care talk and eye screening to share ophthalmology information to the community.

Eye Care Talk

We will invite an experienced ophthalmologist or optometrist as speaker to deliver an eyecare talk, covering a wide range of topics, such as the control, prevention and treatment of common children’s eye diseases for around 50 to 300 participants.

Organizations are responsible for finding participants, arranging venues and audio equipment

Eye Screening

Eye doctors recommend that children have their first eye screening at six months of age to ensure that their eyes are developing normally.

An eye screening is a brief eye and vision check to help detect vision issues in children. It is an essential part of preventative eye care. Some eye problems in children first show up with squinting, blinking, red eye or other noticeable symptoms. However, other eye problems can have no symptoms and will only be detected during screening.

Schedule an eye screening with us to help to ensure that all children have a clear and comfortable vision.

Application form for Eye Care Talk and Eye Screening (only available in Chinese)

Download here (Last update on 27 Mar 2023)