Macular Disease Medical Assistance Scheme

From June 1, 2018, Eye Fund and Po Leung Kuk jointly organize the Macular Disease Medical Assistance Scheme, which provides free injections for patients diagnosed with macular degeneration in a non-private system to improve their condition. The Ophthalmologist from Eye Fund will be responsible for the treatment funded by the Medical Assistance Fund of Po Leung Kuk.


  • Hong Kong permanent residents &
  • Diagnosed with Macular Degeneration in a non-private system (proof by a government/HA doctor is required) &
  • Referred by a registered social worker from subordinate units of Po Leung Kuk, government departments (such as Social Welfare Department), statutory bodies (such as Hospital Authority) or non-profit making organizationa &
  • CSSA recipients, or those who meet the preset household income (referring to the median household income)
    *The asset limit is based on 3 times the applicant’s quotation for the medical price

Application Date:  01 NOV, 2019

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