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機構理念Mission & Vision

眼睛健康基金 Eye Fund(前身為香港白內障基金)於2007年成立,是根據《稅務條例》第88條獲豁免繳稅的慈善機構,註冊號碼:91/8616。

Eye Fund (formerly known as Hong Kong Cataract Foundation) was registered in October 2007 as a non-profit making charitable organization exempted from taxation under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.


Since its incorporation, Eye Fund has been transforming lives through delivering on its mission to “Prevent, Cure and Eradicate Blindness”. Throughout the years, Eye Fund has served the local community through education, promotion and training to inspire the general public in saving sight in their communities.



Eye Fund is committed to provide eyecare services and education to people who are in need, including the elderly and their caregivers, children and parents. Through regular collaboration with different community organizations, Eye Fund has organized various health education activities and exhibitions to raise the public’s awareness on vision health.

Eye Fund has always been dedicated to giving back and to serving the community. Since 2010, it has invited professional ophthalmologists, optometrists and medical teams to jointly launch the “Community Elderly Eye Examination” program, which has benefited over 40,000 elderly people to date.


At Eye Fund, we work where the need for eyecare is the greatest and where we can deliver our biggest impact. Apart from providing free cataract surgeries to elderly patients with financial difficulties, we have also launched “Brightening Action” and “Love Light” in 2016, to which we provided a fully subsidized comprehensive program to help elderly restore eyesight.


Eye Fund has also launched the Macular Lesions Treatment Assistance Scheme since 2019 to provide tiller support to eligible patients, providing prompt and sustainable help to those in need.

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